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From our family to yours. A letter. 


Our Story 

Thank you for being here! 

Hi! My name is Lara. My little family and I own The Margaux. I went to school at Fresno State and obtained my BS in Healthcare Administration then attended JFK University for an MBA in Healthcare Systems.... I followed the "safe" route for a while until I became a mom in 2018 and felt a strong urge to do something for myself and my young family... I envied my peers who seemed fulfilled in their careers. Truth be told, writing contracts on physician payment structures did not feel fulfilling to me. Yes, it was considered "successful" if you ask the general population. But my heart and mind really challenged that..... Was it really success if you didn't feel fulfilled at the end of the day?...


Anyway, it hasn't been easy getting here. A lot of doors closed on us during our journey.....But it has really taught us the lesson of resiliency and the importance of faith. Faith in the dream, faith in hard work, and most importantly, faith in the hope that it all works out the way it's supposed to. 

With that said, THANK YOU! Thank you to all of our past, existing and future clients! Thank you for choosing us. I am so proud of this place..... it has taken a lot of heart, guts, tears, and sacrifice for me and my family. 


I read this quote from a book back in 2016... Just about 5 months after college graduation! One of my favorite past times was to sit in Barnes and Noble.. order a coffee and flip through pages of random books that had interesting covers. This one stuck with me so I took a picture. It has never left my heart since. I hope you find the inspiration to follow whatever it is that makes your spirit fly. 

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