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Where do I begin ? 

Sooooo you're engaged and looking for a venue! You've come to the right place! 


Step #1

Review the Information Packet 

If you are looking for modern, timeless and fresh aesthetics. We might just be your match! CONTACT US SO WE CAN DISCUSS YOUR EVENT and if you like what we have to offer, move on to step #2! 

Step #2 

Schedule a Site Visit

You're ready for a tour?! Schedule it by texting us at 559.930.9723 or email us at and we will pencil you in! We will go over any questions you might have and discuss all the fun details! Find us with the bubble-gum PINK gates and a huge white barn. You won't miss it! 

Step #3 

You loved us!? (we sure hope so!)

After the tour, we give you time to digest all the information. Most couples are ready to lock in their date as soon as the tour concludes! Once you confirm with us that you're ready to make it official, we will send you a docusign via email! - After the contract is agreed to by all parties, it will trigger the deposit request! (also sent to you in an email) But everything is online! YAY for convenience and hallelujah internet!) 


Step #4 

It's time to PLAN PLAN PLAN! 

We can do the planning for you from start to finish or you can hire your own vendors! 

We've got the best of the best on our vendor list to make sure your event is handled and presented exactly how you deserve it to be! Customize your team from the Preferred Vendor List and enjoy the process! Let your creative ideas fly! Set the tone for the very first day of your FOREVER.

Approachable Luxury

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