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This must be the place.


Set the tone for the very first day of your FOREVER.

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At The Margaux, we do things a little 


 One thing that we prioritize is your experience.

After months and months of planning, the last thing we want our couples to worry about is getting access to the venue at 9am the day of their event and getting out at 11pm that same day! Ever heard of quality over quantity?


We host quality events not rushed events! 


Our clients don’t just get a day! When you book with The Margaux, you are booking your wedding weekend. This means, the Friday before is yours and Sunday is also yours!


What exactly does that mean?... 


  1. It allows you to have the day before for set up and drop off! Have a rehearsal dinner on site or a field day at the venue! This is especially nice if you have family and friends coming from out of town. You can plan a whole experience for them! (Hello Adventurers! YOSEMITE is 45 mins away!!! 

  2. Vendors may pick up their items the next day. Rental companies will charge premium fees to pick up their items that same night. 

  3. You can have a day after brunch at The Margaux! Have you ever ended your wedding and wished you could say a proper thank you and goodbye to friends and family that specifically came to town for your special day? You are given the time to do that here! 

  4. Our attention is yours. We’re not preoccupied about timelines because we don’t have another wedding the following day to worry about.

  5. It really does go by fast…… and before you know it, you’ll be in the middle of your send off! Post wedding blues are a real thing....We truly are just trying to extend it for you because it’s rare to have every human that you love or have loved at all the different seasons of your life under one roof! Savor it.

Our Signature Aesthetics


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