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To reserve your date, you will need to fill out a contract and make a non-refundable deposit. This can all be done electronically. We accept payments by credit card, debit card, or check. Payments can be done on the phone, online, or in person. A tour is required prior to you booking your date.

Are there "hidden fees?"

Nope! Unlike other venues, we have a set fee for the rental and it is based on season. The set fee + 18% service fee is what you pay Once you sign the contract, your contracted fee does not change unless you add services.. 

  Does your fee change if we have our ceremony at a church off site?

Since we only host one event per day, our fee will remain the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite. 

Do you have a list of preferred vendors? 

Definitely! Our list is trusted and every single creative on it are amazing! Reach out to them and see who you vibe with! 

What is your alcohol policy?

If you are wanting to serve alcohol at your event you must hire a licensed AND insured company. We do allow you to bring in your own alcohol but again it must be served by a licensed and insured company. All bartending companies must be approved.

Yes. There is a Hyatt Place, Courtyard and many others in Riverpark, 10 minutes from The Margaux. There are also a number of airbnb's in the area with Tesoro and Riverstone being so close to us! 

Who can we hire as our coordinator?

We can provide this service for you IN HOUSE! or if you'd like to use someone else, we encourage our clients stick to the main players on the approved list. Planning your wedding is a big responsibility, helping you EXECUTE those details (you’ve dreamt up for over a year) and logistics is not easy. You cannot handle everything. Trust us, hire a coordinator. We are looking out for you, and we want you to work with the best/most organized coordinators in the industry. FAMILY + FRIENDS that are invited as guests for your event cannot serve as your planner or coordinator. Let your guests be guests. Have the professionals work :) 

Do I need an appointment to see the venue, or can I just stop by?

We do not allow drop ins and we try to be very respectful of everyone's time. Please review the investment and information packet prior to setting up an appointment. 

After my venue and catering is booked who should we book next?

This depends on your priority list! If you want us to point you to the next vendor in line, we encourage you to start looking into Photographers. The ones on our list are AMAZING. The worst thing you can do is hire a photographer that does not have the experience to produce quality images. These are images that you’ll be sharing for many years to come, they will be hung in your homes and so much more. Pick a good one!

Do I have to use your partnered caterers?

A question that we love but also happens to be tricky.... The simple answer, is no ...But you must choose a caterer that we approve to serve on the premises. If the caterer of your choice does not get approved by The Venue and is a MUST for you, there is a buyout fee that is added to the venue fee. We can discuss this in detail at your tour! 

How much is the 

deposit & is it refundable? 

The deposit is $5,000 for weddings. Corporate event deposits are 50% of the total rental. Just like all other venues in the area, we do not offer refunds for deposits. You may choose a different date IF the calendar allows. Weddings and events are planned a year + (sometimes more) in advance, a cancellation is considered loss of business therefore refunds are not allowed. 

What is the policy on music?

Per Madera County ordinance, the music must shut off by 10pm. This is a rule for all venues in the area (not just us) If it were up to us, we’d celebrate all night with you!! But we are respectful of those rules set in the community. We know you’ll understand <3

What is the payment process after the deposit?

Which months are peak, and which are non-peak?

The remaining balance is divided by the number of months left until your wedding and paid in equal installments monthly until your wedding. If your wedding is over 12 months away, we default to 12 and that determines the payment. In this case, the payments could range between every 40-90 days

Are there any perks we should keep in mind? 


March, April, May, September, October, November, December


January, February, June, July, August

We offer only one perk. If you pay the full venue fee upfront in cash or cashiers check for your event, the 18% service fee will be waived. 

Does the 3 day rental apply for all types of events ? 

No. Wedding weekends are strictly for weddings. Other events do not have the multi day rental unless it is added

Do you provide tables and chairs? 

We provide tables! Since most couples want to customize their day to fit their design, chairs are left up to the couples :) 

How do I reserve The Margaux for my event?

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

Upfront Pricing. No Hidden Fees.

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